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7 Tips on Becoming a Mom

Nothing compares to a mother’s genuine and extraordinary love for her children.For me, motherhood is about giving without seeking anything in return. Learning about parenting is really not an easy path to take.

To be a wonderful mother you have to encourage and teach your children values and how to be the best versions of themselves.The common factor that every mother has is that they love unconditionally.

Parenting is an extremely challenging role and a great responsibility for a lifetime commitment but it’s the most rewarding part of your existence. As years go by it can feel like a lonely journey sometimes, because nobody’s perfect we all tend to get exhausted.

You can take advice from other parents, important people around you such as family, relatives and friends but at the end of the day you will be the one to decide what’s best for your family and what are things to improve.

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The bravest thing a mother can do is to admit her mistakes, roll the dice again and continue fighting in the daily battle of life. If you start to doubt your capability as a parent you have to think of the nicest things you did for your family.

Never entertain negative thoughts and always give time to talk to your husband and ask questions that might help you both grow as parents.

Becoming a mom is promising, exciting, terrifying and exhausting at the same time. All the possible emotions will be invested and it will all be worth it because you are doing everything for your little loved ones. Every single thing you will have to consider since the day you give birth to your first child, you have to be organized and everything should be in place. I can say it’s such a noble job.

Here are 7 tips on becoming a mom:

 1. Accepting and embracing the fact that you are already a mom and that every single step you take is for your child’s sake and not only for yourself. And acceptance is the key to have a happy and amazing home with your family.  

 2. Being selfless, always show concern and care for your children, when you have to come up with a big decision, always think about your children’s welfare first and foremost. 

 3. Apologize, if you did something wrong even if you are a parent there are instances that you tend to make mistakes in front of your children. They deserve your explanation and apology. Apologizing to your kids doesn’t show weakness, it’s actually your strength.  


 4. Take good care of yourself, as a mom you can’t afford to not take care of your health because your children rely on you. You have to be strong, eat healthy food, proper exercise and love yourself as much as you love your family.  This is the best guide to be a productive and healthy mom. 


 5. Spend quality time with your family. These days moms are busier than ever, some go to work, some manage businesses, etc. But once you arrive home, always make time for the family, especially with your kids. No matter how tiring the day, once you see your kids happy to see you, your weariness will all fade away. 

 6. Cook delicious food with the family and make sure you and your family are both healthy and happy.


 7. Never compare yourself to other parents. This is one of the most common mistakes of every parent, self pity and thinking they aren’t even an effective parent. Know your worth as a mother, always think of what you are capable and where you are good at.  

And as a mother always remember you have to stay healthy and fit.



These tips will help you to be stronger as a woman, as a mom and as a wife. There is no perfect family nor perfect parenting, you just have to give your best as a mother and your children will surely love you in their own special way.  


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