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 Becoming A Mom Is Such A Noble Job

Being a mother is never a joke. It is easier said than done. It won't work  half-baked or treated like a part time job. It is a lifetime career. There is no "I Quit" button. Whenever you get tired retirement, is not an option.

There is no 'perfect mother' or mother daughter relationships, (no wonder there are no perfect children). But there are best ways you can do to achieve your goal: Make your children a better version of you.

For me, motherhood is all about giving without seeking anything in return. Therefore, give them:



As we all know, everything not done in moderation is harmful. With that in mind, mothers should give their children the right amount of attention. Not too much that can spoil them, but nothing less that you don't have any idea what's going on in their young lives.


The common factor that every mother possesses is unconditional love. 

Children can commit mistakes over and over again. Mothers should also correct their mistakes over and over again. When they fall, help them rise again. No mother should give up on their children. 



There are different stages in a child's life when they are hardest to understand. Be sensitive. If they are miserable do not leave them alone in their misery. If they are happy, rejoice with their happiness.

In motherhood there is a continuous learning process for the children and for the mother as well. And so mothers should teach their children:


Teach your children to be honest in everything. Hear them out. When there are things you think they have done wrong, give them the chance to tell you their reasons for doing such things. That way, they will have the courage to open up to you because they knew you will listen.

For mothers to be able to instill values in their children's lives, follow the saying, "practice what you preach." Set an example and it will be easier for them to follow.



Teach your children to be generous so that they will learn how to share. An 'only child' may have a difficulty in this regard because the child has no siblings. If an 'only child' is not taught how to share, that child might grow thinking only of himself.

Motherhood is not an easy path to take. It is paired with a great responsibility. As time goes by, you may find it a lonely journey sometimes, when you meet  challenges and hardships of being a mother. Family and friends can be of great help in times when you need some sound advice on effective parenting.



Becoming a mom is so promising and exciting, and it can also be tedious and stressful. But having a child to love and care for is far more rewarding. It surpasses the hurt and struggles that goes with it. 

Nothing compares with a mother’s genuine and extraordinary love for her children. Be a friend. Bond with your children. Go out for a date, eat out, and shop together. Visit places where you can buy matching outfits

Have fun and experience the joys of motherhood for holding such a noble job.

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