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Effective Advice For New Parents

There are no perfect parents, and there is no perfect parenting style. But still, there are better (if not the best) ways to become effective parents.

 Personality and character of each child varies. They come in different types. They may be weak, strong, timid, or active bundles of joy.

 Whatever temperament your child possesses, you must know them. Be sensitive and observe what makes them down, or what makes them happy. Knowledge of these things will be beneficial for you and your child. In addition here's 7 Tips on Becoming a Mom

Children should not be left alone in their misery and should have someone to share with their happiness.

Give Them Love

No doubt parents love their children and children need the love of their parents. It is a given. From time to time surprise your kids, they will surely love that, educational toys like:

   Support and Believe In Them

   When your child is a little bit shy, they might have a hard time getting along with others. They might be easily intimidated by the stronger and active types.

You should always be ready to comfort them if they need any solace, and be always there to encourage them when they can use  a lot of encouragement.

Guide Them  

   Children need guidance for them to know the right path to follow in life. Parents serve as a lighthouse to lead their children to safety. No matter how hard and complicated parenting is, we just have to remember that becoming a mom is such a noble job

Do not compare

   Every child in the universe is made unique. No child possesses all the traits and characteristics you dreamt of for your child. 'The grass on the other side of the fence is greener' doesn't apply in treating your children. Do not give emphasis on the traits that they do not possess.

Do not find fault in your kids just because they are not what you expect them to be. Appreciate your children's strengths. Help them overcome and manage their weaknesses.

Be an Example

   Your kids need someone to look up to. Set an example. Not just an example, but a good one at that. Integrity starts with you.

Do not ask them to lie for you. When you play with your kids, do not cheat even just for the sake of fun. When they see wrong doings permissible to you, they will think that it is okay to commit them.

 Listen and Understand

   When children make mistakes, it is common for parents to get mad. But for parents to instill values and good deeds to their children, they need to be understanding first. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Encourage them to reason out.

You need to hear them before you can decide if what they did is wrong or reasonable. Don't be hasty in judging them. It's also best if you read them bed time stories before you go to sleep:


Be Patient

   Parents are anxious when their child still can't walk or talk at what they think as the appropriate time for their child to learn how to walk and learn how to talk.

Just talk to them constantly, gently, patiently, with the right words because they can hear you. Read them bedtime stories as part of your bonding.

   The first time you hear your kid talk is one of the many reasons to celebrate. But some parents are getting annoyed when their child starts being curious and asking questions, if you start to get annoyed with your children, try to convince them to watch movies with you: 


That is the time that you have to be patient with them because it would be the beginning of their education. Answer them with great care and with utmost consideration because  it is a great opportunity for them to learn. 

Be There 

   Children need their parents the most from infancy to adolescent stage. Their childhood comes only once.

It will come to pass without you even noticing. Childhood that you might have ignored can never be restored but with much effort it might be possible to redeem. Be there for them in the crucial moments of their lives.

   Effective parenting takes a lot of efforts and careful considerations, but it is really worth it.

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