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Mommy and Daughter Bonding Moments

Almost all mothers of the 21st century are working mothers. Sometimes, even spending time with their daughters is next to impossible (maybe this is a bit exaggerated).

If it is hard for a mother and daughter to be always together, there are a number of activities you can do as your bonding moments.



 Mothers should know what their daughters like to do the most. Daughters should know what are the interests of their mothers as well.

Here are a few places you can visit together that may help you create beautiful memories  that will last a lifetime.

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Hair  & Nail Salon

Everyone of us needs some time to have our hair done or treated. Mother and daughter can have a date in salons.

Even if you can not carry personal conversations in these places, at least you can relax side by side with your hair being groomed and your nails being cleaned. 

   How nice looking at a mother and daughter having the same style of hair cut, and wearing the same nail art. It would be very refreshing to look at.

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   Daughter, if your mother is a bookworm, or a crossword puzzle addict, the first place she can think of every time she is going out is visiting a bookstore.

Even if you do not share the same interests, accompany her to pick up a few copies of her favorite authors' books and some  puzzle magazines.

Mothers, if you think reading is such a boring thing but you know your daughter loves reading so much, bring her to a bookstore and she will surely appreciate it.

Cinemas or Movie Theaters

   If you enjoy watching movies, you can binge watch at home. But for a change, watch it in cinemas or movie theaters.

The popcorn and soda drinks in cinemas are a lot tastier (it just seems that way but a little bit expensive). The price doesn't really matter. Mother and daughter bonding is what counts.

 Shopping Mall/Online Store

   There are really only a few who do not enjoy going shopping. Whether it is just looking around or really buying stuff, this activity for a mother and daughter will be very pleasurable. But there is a more exciting thing you can do together.

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At Home

   There are lots of activities you can do without even moving an inch beyond your doorstep. Home is a neutral ground wherein both of you can feel at ease and enjoy the comfort of a familiar place common to you.

   At home, mother and daughter can play board games in a very relaxing manner. Solving jigsaw puzzles together is also a very enjoyable thing to do. And what's more, the snacks are without extra charge.


    When you need a little  exercise, you can play outside with your daughter. Ball games are the most common games you can do outdoors. This kind  of activity can be both beneficial to you and your daughter healthwise.

Mother and daughter can be together every day without being close. To avoid this mistake, make every single moment with each other count. 

Quality time spent with each other, even rarely, is far better than being at the same place all the time without affection and good communication.

Love of a mother to a daughter and love of a daughter to a mother can be expressed in many ways. Whichever it is, a bond is built to seal the mother and daughter relationship. Becoming a Mom is such a noble job.

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